Our promise to everyone

“we put the life and health of our puppies above all else”

The perfect breed for some may be hundreds of miles away. Teacup champs can save the extreme effort of visiting breeders and inspecting the little puppies. We will do everything instead, so that our customers around the world are provided with the perfect puppy for their home!

Teacup champs first priority when choosing the breeders we work with, is ensuring the puppies are well cared for. We have zero tolerance on puppy mills and bad breeding. Dog welfare is our number one concern, and every breeder here is committed to responsible breeding. This means giving the best care, the happiest upbringing, and having a nice environment for their puppies.

We deliver our puppies in and out of the USA – All states in the USA + Canada, Australia, UK and most of the other European countries.

For families that cannot find their dream puppy near them we are here to help!

We have placed over 1,000 puppies into hundreds of homes.